Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fear or Faith

I try my best to be an optimistic guy. I can't stand pessimism and try not to delve into it. I mostly see the glass half full and seldom see it half empty. What makes the man, is whether he strives to succeed or gives up when he fails. Now, after saying that, we need to look at whether or not we have faith or we cower to fear.

One thing I have to say is, that this country started out with people that were optimistic. We told ourselves "we have to succeed or it's over", and over surely wasn't an option. We became a country that was envied by many. We were the standard for freedom. Why? Well, our faith in God, that's why. We believed in the one who created us. Our reward, I believe, was to be the beacon of hope that other people needed to see. Once other people caught a glimpse of it, they wanted it. They fought to come to our country just to experience it. We were the influence for freedom around the world. We did it by expressing our faith, and becoming that type of nation.

What is going on in our country today though. Faith has basically taken a backseat to fear. What do we hear from the leaders of this great nation now-a-days? Fear of what others think about us. I guess it is easier to back down than to stand up. Once, other countries envied us, now they hate us for being such a powerful force in the world. Because of that, we fear rejection of those countries and become apologetic.

Not only are we afraid of being rejected or mocked by these other countries, our own government is ruling by fear. They tell us what car to drive, or what light bulb we have to use, in the name of Global warming. They tell us what to eat, and what to learn in our schools. They tell us this, that, and the other thing in the name of their own agenda, and if we don't do these things, we will slowly destroy ourselves and this planet. Due to all these fear tactics, people worry and get stressed out. Some give up and commit suicide. Some get disillusioned and freak out. It consumes their lives. The point I'm getting at is, do you want to live a happy life or a life of fear and worry?

I mentioned in an earlier blog about how God has been taken out of this country. With Him, we were a country run by faith, and now have become a country run by fear. What can I say but this. Do you have something or someone positive to believe in, or do you believe in what people tell you? I, being a Christian, believe in the Almighty God of the Bible. I have faith in him. Knowing this, I found nothing in the bible that says this earth will end because of global warming, so I don't fear that. I never found in the bible about the earth ending due to being fat, and likewise, any other fear tactics this government tries to feed us.

God didn't create us to be afraid. He want's us to experience love and joy, peace and comfort. This is our country and we shouldn't let the fear mongers take over. Let's vote them out and invite God back in. Always remember, that fear forces our steps but faith guides them. Whoever this country puts their faith in, will determine how strong and prosperous this country can be. Man seems to be the lousy option.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Real Deal

I once read a story of "The Great Bottle Hoax of 1749". It was a bet between The Duke of Portland and the Earl of Chesterfield. The Duke bet The Earl that people would be gullible enough to spend a lot of money to see a man jump into a quart bottle, and that people would be able to come up on stage and handle it while the man was inside. Sure enough, wealthy people came from all over and spent good money to see this act. The theater was sold out. Of course there was no act, people rioted and so on and so forth.

Well I can't seem to get that out of my head when I think of this past election year. It's hard to believe Obama could have gotten such a big cult following. He basically said nothing, yet americans had fallen for everything he did say. He had to have bet someone that he could prove how gullible Americans were. How many more ways can he take our money before we wake up and realize what's going on. He wants our money, and we're giving it to him.

I hope that we can, at least, make it one more year so we can elect less wimpy "republicans" in the mid-term elections. We can't have liberalism run unchecked throughout our government anymore. Once we do that, then we'll have two more years before we can hopefully elect the next Ronald Reagan. I just pray that there is someone out there like that. I've heard it said that, if you try to be someone else, why not just choose that someone else. Then at least you're getting the real thing. That's exactly why we have liberals running our government. There are no republicans that stand for anything.

Next time we vote, hopefully there will be a conservative with guts and will stand out and step up. Someone who will follow God and his teachings, and not be ashamed. A hero. We miss you President Reagan. You were the real deal.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Donkey or the Frog

Lately I've been thinking about a story I heard years ago, maybe you know it. It was a story of the donkey that fell into a big hole. The farmer who lost it, finally found it. He couldn't find a way to get it out, so he started to shovel the dirt back in just to put it out of it's misery. As he was filling it back up, the donkey just kept on shaking the dirt off and stepping up onto it. Eventually the donkey was able to jump out.

I also have been thinking of another story though. It is about when a frog is put into a pot of cold water. It will just sit there. When the stove is turned on, and the water gets warmer, the frog would still sit there. The frog will not jump out of the water, and will eventually boil to death.

Why did I bring these two stories up? As I was thinking of them, I was reminded how We (Americans) have changed throughout the years. Think about it, we once were a nation of donkey's, and now have become a nation of frogs. Confused? Let me explain.

When this country became independent, we had to have started in a hole. I can't believe that there was an "Idiots Guide to Starting a Free Nation" book out there, which meant that there weren't many ideas of what to do next. Other than our will and determination, combined with a dream and most importantly, the Bible, could we have ever formed a more perfect and free society. Of course we've been in many holes since, but we have been a country that has learned from our mistakes, and the blessings of God has filled in those holes to let us out once, twice and three times over, but only because of His grace. Our foundation had always been on Him, and He has blessed us in the good times, but He also has extended His Grace in the bad times.

How times have changed though. The first two hundred years or so, we have been that donkey, so-to-speak. In the last sixty years or so, we have evolved into the frog. Ever since we started to take God out of this country, we started to pervert the Bible and disregard the Constitution, we began re-translating both of them. They now say what we want them to say, so it seems. Once we started to do that, liberalism has slowly creeped into our society. If it happened over night, we would never have allowed it. We as Christians should not have let that happen, but we have. We let one thing slide, then another, and another, until liberalism got a foothold and became part of the mainstream. We are slowly killing ourselves(our way of life). We never saw it coming. Now that we know, let's jump out before it gets worse.

How do we do that then? Well, let's ask God to forgive us and have mercy on this country once again, so He can start filling this hole we allowed ourselves to dig. Even if you don't believe in my God, what will it hurt to just say, God help us. Just that little will help a lot. We are all his children and he wants us to come to him, believer or not.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life is not like a box of Chocholates

One thing that has made this country great, is the fact that we used to value life. We are now facing a shift in this way of thinking. The liberal mindset is now pulling the wool over our eyes, and we can't even see it. We have become desensitised throughout the years, we've been misdirected and blatantly lied to.

What this blog is about, is to help one see, life has become devalued in a country that used to see it as valuable. This has been a hot topic with me for years, at least since my two sons were born. It hits home to me, so I may be very blunt in this post.

Even if you aren't a Christian, you have to admit life is precious. If you see your child, and you smile, chances are you're pro-life. Now imagine you killed it before he/she was born, then how do you feel? I hope it sickens you. From the moment of conception, a life has been created. The lie that is out there, says otherwise.

They try to tell you, if you were stupid and didn't wear protection, it was just an accident, you have the right to a "do over", so kill it. They also say, if you were raped, you should kill it. I know the last one is a sensitive one, but I need to put this thing into perspective. Would killing the baby make you forget these events? Would killing the baby solve any of these problems? There are other answers out there. Ones that can salvage the guilt and the pain.

I know a lot of people don't want to hear it, but God is the answer to any problem. Our founding fathers understood this and built our country on His principles. You may not believe, or may not want to believe in God, but let me ask you this, what part of His teachings aren't for the betterment of life? (considering he created it)

Don't have sex before marriage, problem solved. Don't commit murder, problem solved. You get the drift. Every action has a consequence. You make the choice, you pay the consequence. Own up to it. Yeah, things may happen, good or bad, but they happen for a reason. We may never know what the reason is, but be rest assured, if God let it happen, good will come of it. If you let it happen, don't blame God. Suck it up to your own stupidity, (and we all are stupid and do stupid things), but how we handle it determines if we are real men or women, or just animals.

I just don't understand why the liberal mindset says it's O.K to abort (kill) an unborn child (due to our own actions), and think it's wrong to send someone to death row for murder, it's inhumane they say. A baby has done nothing wrong, and a murderer took a life. Where's the logic?

If you have had an abortion, it's not too late make things right, God is the ultimate healer. If you turn toward him, he will bring great joy to your life. If you are thinking about having an abortion, stop. Get to know God and he will make that baby a blessing in your life.

There's one thing I have to put out there, if you want to persuade me to change my mind on abortion, answer this question. When has it ever been the baby's fault? Life is not like a box of chocolates, it's not up to you to determine which ones to keep or which ones to throw away. Once we can value life again, we can bring this country back to the great nation God can bless.

If this 12-year old can get it right, why can't we?

Friday, August 14, 2009

No give backs

When people fought for the freedom of this country and we became a free nation, I would think an unwritten agreement was made, that there would be no give backs. We basically disowned England's sovereignty (socialism) for good, and created a Capitalistic (free) society. Would I be wrong in thinking that? Then why are we trying to give this country back?

We the People, of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union........Let's just dwell on that for a second, "to form a more perfect Union". Does that mean we accepted England's rule as the model for this country? Was that perfect enough for us? I would like to think that wasn't the case. Unless they were talking about an organized business concept like the local 101, which, I'm sure that wasn't it.

It was to form a better society, one that would be "more perfect", and the way they started out, couldn't have been better. It was to start a new country with a "perfect" unshakable foundation, God. Whether your Atheist, Buddhist or any other religion, you cannot deny this truth. It's all over our founding documents.

Let's not, then, bring socialism into this Country, it's not what we are. Remember, liberalism can only win without God in the picture, it's already happening. This country is trying to weed him out. Socialism is in arms reach. Take heart though, God is still the foundation of this country, He's not going anywhere unless we keep ignoring him, then He just might harden our hearts and we will totally forget Him.

I'm not willing to take that step, are you? Even if you don't believe in Him, don't you still want to live in a free nation. The most perfect one in the world. Of course, we the people aren't perfect, but our nation is as close to perfect as possible, only if we keep our footing on that perfect foundation. Keep this truth in mind, if we were perfect, we wouldn't need God.

I challenge you, be proud to be an American. Let the liberal thinkers know they can take it and be proud, or leave it, and to remember, no give backs. This country is ours, and blessed by God.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"In Us We Trust"

Where in America is God?

As Christians, what are we doing to make God known in this country, while He is being deleted from it on a daily basis? I have to admit, until now, I haven't done much either.

This nation was started by people that gave God recognition for our blessings, gave him praise, prayed to him, etc. We have now turned our faces from him, and say this country has become great by our own doing. Our blood, our sacrifice, our time and effort. What do you believe?

How long do you believe God will bless us while he watches us take the credit? We as Christians are to blame severely for this. The more I look around, the more I see us afraid to take a stand. We worry about what others may think, while those that have adopted the liberal mindset, have taken advantage of this, and ran away with our country, and we seem to have forgotten the one who blessed us in the first place.

We have a couple of problems, not only are we afraid, but Christianity has also become a turn off to a lot of people, all because we have let the radical elements of our faith, determine Gods image for us. "The end is here" doomsday Christians, or the "you're going to hell" judgemental Christians, and worst of all, including me, the lukewarm Christians, who like to blend in and not make waves. It should be the Hero Christians out there, who risk their lives for the sake of Christ, that should impress upon this country, and the world, the image of God.

If we want the "America" God has blessed, we need to keep him in this country. We need to reject the radicals, pray for the complacent, and adopt the "Hero" mentality. We need to fix ourselves (the Church) before we can fix anything else. Let us reestablish the name of God in this country, by praying for our ourselves and our leaders, and see what God does then. You may then say to yourselves, why didn't I think of that sooner.

So, is this the end of days? I can't tell you that, no one knows, but I can tell you that while we are still here, we can make our country great again through one simple action, Prayer. Then let God do the rest. He doesn't need our help, we need his. All He wants us to do, is ask.

May God really bless America.....again.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My thoughts exactly

Universal health care, taxes, government control, big brother. AHHH. I'm going insane, are you? Does it seem that everything is spiraling out of control, and there is nothing you can do? Does it seem God doesn't care anymore? Well let me tell you....STOP. Close your eyes and take a deeeeep breath. Nothing is spiraling out of control, there is something that we can do, because God does care.

I am not a Professor, so I won't lecture you. I am not a biblical know it all, so I won't thump you, and I am not a politician, so I won't lie to you. I just think we as Americans, can solve this crisis America is going through. These events have happened a lot throughout the years, but they also have gotten better. Which brings me to how we can gain control and our sanity back.

The thing that is killing America in times like these, are politicians themselves. When I think politicians, I think of children. We, being the adults of course. Democrats and Republicans alike, have been acting like little kids that can't get along, just because they don't get what they want. The only problem in this go around, is that the liberal mindset is in control of government. When I think of Liberalism, I think of no moral or ethical compass, between pro-choice, welfare, amnesty, greed, anti-religion and the such, no wonder we are in this crisis now-a-days.

I sit in front of the news and find myself getting mad and frustrated at our government, they think they can fix everything, and our representatives don't even listen to us. In the articles to come, I will vent in my own way, as to how we can win this country back. The first thing we can do, is to vote these guys out of office, perhaps, vote in a non-politician, a person that will listen to us for a change, and that is not tainted by the system. One who has the guts to stand up to these bullies.

The other thing that we can do, and the most important, is to put God back in our country. In God We Trust, I believe, is still our country's motto, but yet we are slowly pushing him out. Fear not, to those who still believe. Let's put our God first, and dare anyone to challenge him. Let's see who wins.

How can we do this? It's easier than you think. The answer is prayer. One thing I have to warn you about, is to pray without hostility toward others. Pray with love and truth in mind. Don't judge, let God do that, because we all are sinners, except Him