Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"In Us We Trust"

Where in America is God?

As Christians, what are we doing to make God known in this country, while He is being deleted from it on a daily basis? I have to admit, until now, I haven't done much either.

This nation was started by people that gave God recognition for our blessings, gave him praise, prayed to him, etc. We have now turned our faces from him, and say this country has become great by our own doing. Our blood, our sacrifice, our time and effort. What do you believe?

How long do you believe God will bless us while he watches us take the credit? We as Christians are to blame severely for this. The more I look around, the more I see us afraid to take a stand. We worry about what others may think, while those that have adopted the liberal mindset, have taken advantage of this, and ran away with our country, and we seem to have forgotten the one who blessed us in the first place.

We have a couple of problems, not only are we afraid, but Christianity has also become a turn off to a lot of people, all because we have let the radical elements of our faith, determine Gods image for us. "The end is here" doomsday Christians, or the "you're going to hell" judgemental Christians, and worst of all, including me, the lukewarm Christians, who like to blend in and not make waves. It should be the Hero Christians out there, who risk their lives for the sake of Christ, that should impress upon this country, and the world, the image of God.

If we want the "America" God has blessed, we need to keep him in this country. We need to reject the radicals, pray for the complacent, and adopt the "Hero" mentality. We need to fix ourselves (the Church) before we can fix anything else. Let us reestablish the name of God in this country, by praying for our ourselves and our leaders, and see what God does then. You may then say to yourselves, why didn't I think of that sooner.

So, is this the end of days? I can't tell you that, no one knows, but I can tell you that while we are still here, we can make our country great again through one simple action, Prayer. Then let God do the rest. He doesn't need our help, we need his. All He wants us to do, is ask.

May God really bless America.....again.

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  1. We need pastors that are will to take a stand on this issue and not preach on "feel good" topics. It also is time for Christians to stand up and be counted. The problem is too many Christians want it both ways and God only has "ONE WAY". We all need to put 2 Chronicles 7:14 in to daily life maybe God will begin to turn things around.