Friday, August 14, 2009

No give backs

When people fought for the freedom of this country and we became a free nation, I would think an unwritten agreement was made, that there would be no give backs. We basically disowned England's sovereignty (socialism) for good, and created a Capitalistic (free) society. Would I be wrong in thinking that? Then why are we trying to give this country back?

We the People, of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union........Let's just dwell on that for a second, "to form a more perfect Union". Does that mean we accepted England's rule as the model for this country? Was that perfect enough for us? I would like to think that wasn't the case. Unless they were talking about an organized business concept like the local 101, which, I'm sure that wasn't it.

It was to form a better society, one that would be "more perfect", and the way they started out, couldn't have been better. It was to start a new country with a "perfect" unshakable foundation, God. Whether your Atheist, Buddhist or any other religion, you cannot deny this truth. It's all over our founding documents.

Let's not, then, bring socialism into this Country, it's not what we are. Remember, liberalism can only win without God in the picture, it's already happening. This country is trying to weed him out. Socialism is in arms reach. Take heart though, God is still the foundation of this country, He's not going anywhere unless we keep ignoring him, then He just might harden our hearts and we will totally forget Him.

I'm not willing to take that step, are you? Even if you don't believe in Him, don't you still want to live in a free nation. The most perfect one in the world. Of course, we the people aren't perfect, but our nation is as close to perfect as possible, only if we keep our footing on that perfect foundation. Keep this truth in mind, if we were perfect, we wouldn't need God.

I challenge you, be proud to be an American. Let the liberal thinkers know they can take it and be proud, or leave it, and to remember, no give backs. This country is ours, and blessed by God.

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  1. Just as Gods words can not be changed so to the base of the founding of this country can not be changed. God brought our forefathers to this land to build a nation under God.God's people governed this land and prospered. God's people gave up governing and ungodly people took over while Godly people stood and watched and did nothing. It is time the Godly people stand up and govern again and put God back in charge.