Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life is not like a box of Chocholates

One thing that has made this country great, is the fact that we used to value life. We are now facing a shift in this way of thinking. The liberal mindset is now pulling the wool over our eyes, and we can't even see it. We have become desensitised throughout the years, we've been misdirected and blatantly lied to.

What this blog is about, is to help one see, life has become devalued in a country that used to see it as valuable. This has been a hot topic with me for years, at least since my two sons were born. It hits home to me, so I may be very blunt in this post.

Even if you aren't a Christian, you have to admit life is precious. If you see your child, and you smile, chances are you're pro-life. Now imagine you killed it before he/she was born, then how do you feel? I hope it sickens you. From the moment of conception, a life has been created. The lie that is out there, says otherwise.

They try to tell you, if you were stupid and didn't wear protection, it was just an accident, you have the right to a "do over", so kill it. They also say, if you were raped, you should kill it. I know the last one is a sensitive one, but I need to put this thing into perspective. Would killing the baby make you forget these events? Would killing the baby solve any of these problems? There are other answers out there. Ones that can salvage the guilt and the pain.

I know a lot of people don't want to hear it, but God is the answer to any problem. Our founding fathers understood this and built our country on His principles. You may not believe, or may not want to believe in God, but let me ask you this, what part of His teachings aren't for the betterment of life? (considering he created it)

Don't have sex before marriage, problem solved. Don't commit murder, problem solved. You get the drift. Every action has a consequence. You make the choice, you pay the consequence. Own up to it. Yeah, things may happen, good or bad, but they happen for a reason. We may never know what the reason is, but be rest assured, if God let it happen, good will come of it. If you let it happen, don't blame God. Suck it up to your own stupidity, (and we all are stupid and do stupid things), but how we handle it determines if we are real men or women, or just animals.

I just don't understand why the liberal mindset says it's O.K to abort (kill) an unborn child (due to our own actions), and think it's wrong to send someone to death row for murder, it's inhumane they say. A baby has done nothing wrong, and a murderer took a life. Where's the logic?

If you have had an abortion, it's not too late make things right, God is the ultimate healer. If you turn toward him, he will bring great joy to your life. If you are thinking about having an abortion, stop. Get to know God and he will make that baby a blessing in your life.

There's one thing I have to put out there, if you want to persuade me to change my mind on abortion, answer this question. When has it ever been the baby's fault? Life is not like a box of chocolates, it's not up to you to determine which ones to keep or which ones to throw away. Once we can value life again, we can bring this country back to the great nation God can bless.

If this 12-year old can get it right, why can't we?

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  1. You are so right. People do not want to take responsibility for anything, its there fault, let someone else be responsible. It time for ever man, women and child to take responsibility for the "CHOICE" they made. You did "IT" you are responsible.